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Hands On and Hands In: The Engage Internship Program

Maggie Larkin

Maggie Larkin

For those of us in the workaday world, we’ve been there. No matter if we’ve been working for 15 months or 15 years, we remember what it’s like to be an intern. I for one, can still recall those gut wrenching nerves on the first day at my internship: wondering if I was dressed properly, if I would get my own email address, what my bosses would be like, and if I would have to get someone coffee. For this reason and many others, when the Engage interns show up for their first day, we are ready to answer their questions, assuage their fears, and give them a good idea of what the semester has in store for them.

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Three times a year—Spring, Summer and Fall— Engage opens our (elevator) door to students who are looking to round out their education with hands-on experience. Whether they are working with our Creative, Client Strategy or Operations team, our interns are immersed in the work that we do. And with our tight-knit team, they quickly become key members of our organization.

No matter an intern’s day-to-day responsibilities, our goal is to graduate him or her with a very strong understanding of what it means to work at an agency. While some of this know-how is acquired through given tasks and responsibilities, other knowledge is imparted through Engage University. Engage U “classes” are typically an hour long and taught by the Engage “professors,” our employees who are experts in their field. These classes give overviews on the various tools, systems, skill sets, tips, tricks, and best practices that our team uses on a daily basis. Previous Engage U’s have included “How to Write a Cover Letter,” “An Introduction to Adobe’s Illustrator,” “V-Lookups and Pivot Tables,” and “The Basics of Google Analytics.”

Engage interns have come from near and far—from local schools like Georgetown, GWU and American to distant universities like UCSD and even international colleges like the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. No matter where they are from, one thing brings these interns to us: their thirst for knowledge. We look for passionate candidates who are never fully satisfied with what they know. Our team loves being able to teach inquisitive, hardworking, problem solvers and are happy to provide them a unique space where they can learn and grow.

If this sounds like you, we want you to apply. Engage is currently looking for web development internsboth front end and back end. In the early Spring, we will open our applications for the Summer internship program for which we are looking for tech gurus, design wizards, and development ninjas. Please visit here to apply. Feel free to contact me (maggie.larkin@engagedc.com) with questions about our internship program. I don’t know if you can tell, but I love to talk about it!