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Graduating from the Engage Internship

Sydney Bolling

Sydney Bolling

As I sit at my desk in the Engage office for the last time, I can’t help thinking back over the past nine months I’ve spent here as an intern. There are a lot of concrete skills that I’ve learned, everything from perfecting a pivot table to navigating buffer, but being an intern at Engage is something more valuable to me than the technologies I can put on my resume.

Working for Engage has taught me what it means to be part of a company that cares, both for its clients and its employees. Whether that means multiple calls a day to ensure the satisfaction of clients, or throwing a birthday party for each employee, Engage puts people first.

This company has also taught me how to work with integrity in everything that I do, from writing social content to picking photographs of House members for a new committee website. Being in this office over the last year has allowed me to form valuable relationships with some of the most genuine and driven people I’ve ever met, and that is worth far more than any paycheck.


The fond memories I have of this office, sitting at this very desk, are sure to stick with me as I look out over the horizon at graduation. Engage has given me the confidence to enter the workforce head on, while teaching me invaluable skills along the way.

An internship at Engage means becoming not only a social media master, but also a valued part of the team. You can be sure that the content you write will appear on client’s Facebook and Twitter profiles, and if you’re lucky maybe a bus wrap you can see on your commute. You’ll get to use your creativity and think outside of the box, while honing your analytical skills. Even as an intern, your opinion and ideas matter.

I want to thank everyone at Engage for giving me the most incredible intern experience during my senior year. I know that wherever I go after graduation, I’ll take the spirit of Engage with me. To my coworkers, friends and mentors at this incredible company, know that you make the world of a difference.