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Speaker Boehner Engages Supporters With Multiply

Team Engage

Team Engage

Earlier this month, we launched a new action platform for Speaker of the House John Boehner called Team Boehner Action, powered by Engage’s Multiply.

In the few weeks that we’ve been live, we’ve seen tremendous response from the Speaker’s supporters. The unique capabilities of Multiply will ensure Team Boehner’s goal of strengthening the House Republican Majority will be met in 2012.

Here’s a quick look at Team Boehner Action!

Our first challenge with Team Boehner Action was to make the process of signing up as engaging and simple as possible. We accomplished this using video from the Speaker and encouraging supporters to sign-up with their Facebook credentials. So far, roughly 80% of visitors to TeamBoehner.com have signed up for a Team Boehner Action account. To put that in perspective, only 15% of Barack Obama’s email list in 2008 joined my.barackobama.com.

After each action a supporter takes on the site, they are presented with Level Up! functionality in order to give them a clearly defined path to the next actions they should take on behalf of Team Boehner.

Speaker Boehner’s political team – more so than any other Multiply client to date – has made great use of Multiply’s video rewards in an effort to more effectively move supporters up the engagement ladder. Special thank you videos featuring Speaker Boehner appear after each completed action on the site and encourage users to continue taking action.

The results so far have been terrific. Roughly 25% of users have earned 25 points or more and users have a site-wide average of 21 points.

One of my favorite aspects of this site is something we custom-built for Team Boehner. First and foremost, Speaker Boehner is dedicated to serving the people of Ohio, as he has for over two decades. That’s why on Team Boehner Action we award a special badge — the Buckeye Badge — to users who join Team Boehner from Ohio.

For years, Speaker Boehner has been committed to using the latest technology to spread House Republicans’ message. The use of Multiply on TeamBoehner.com is a further reflection of this commitment and we are honored to work with the Speaker on this exciting project!

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  • Simeon Duncan

    2011-11-16 22:15:00

    A great initiative and good to see the GOP taking major steps in advancing their campaign outreach with such a purpose-built tool.