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Stunning Branding Gives Voice to the Crossroads Generation

Erik Rapprich

Erik Rapprich

At Engage, we pride ourselves on raising the bar. And this is what we mean by that: CrossroadsGeneration.com.

Crossroads Generation, a new GOP Super PAC, is a joint venture of the College Republican National Committee, Young Republican National Federation, Republican State Leadership Committee and American Crossroads to win back young voters.

Engage’s design studio created the beautiful branding and voice behind this new group. We even developed a custom media upload solution for the site.

Check out the new CrossroadsGeneration.com and tell us what you think! And be sure to follow XG on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Shaun Dakin

    2012-05-15 18:31:00

    From a design perspective, nice going.  Too bad this generation grew up and is reaping the rewards of the Bush / Cheney economy failure :)