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Visualizing Election 2012 with Foursquare

Patrick Ruffini

Patrick Ruffini

I Voted 2012We’ve had the privilege of designing and developing several applications that use technology to inform voters and increase their participation in our democracy. Tomorrow, we’re proud to be working with Foursquare for the second election running to visualize the impact of America voting in real time.

When you head to the polls tomorrow, look for your polling place on Foursquare, and check in to get your exclusive 2012 “I Voted” badge. Your check-in at a polling place will be added to the Election Day map at election.foursquare.com. There, we’ll be visualizing polling place activity in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as it happens.

Foursquare has also partnered with Google to produce the “I Voted” app. Connect the app to your Foursquare account, and you’ll get information about where to vote and what’s on the ballot auto-delivered to your phone when you check in.

A huge note of thanks goes out to a terrific team of partners for making the “I Voted” project possible — Foursquare, Google, the Voting Information Project, the Pew Center on the States, and the New Organizing Institute.

Read more about what Foursquare has in store for Election Day. Then, make a plan to vote by finding your polling place. And tomorrow, check in… and VOTE!

  • Viola221

    2012-11-06 14:35:00

    I already voted this morning & checked in but didn't see this. How can I get the badge?