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House Homeland Security Committee Unveils Interactive Map

Maggie Larkin

Maggie Larkin

The safety of the American people is number one priority of the House Homeland Security Committee. The bipartisan legislation that the Committee passes is focused on shielding the homeland from terror attacks, securing the nation’s borders, protecting against cyber attacks and ensuring the Department of Homeland Security runs efficiently. Whether at a hearing with the full committee or in a markup in one of the subcommittees, their work is done to send a clear message to the American people: the threats to America are real and it is necessary to protect against them.

Perhaps the most poignant way to convey this is the interactive map on the Committee’s new website. When envisioning their new site, the Committee wanted a real-time, innovative way to display the terror attacks, arrests, and plots that have recently occurred in the United States. Engage’s creative team rose to the challenge to create an interactive display to visually represent the Committee’s Terror Threat Snapshot, which is released monthly. The map keeps track of the homegrown Jihadist cases, the ISIS-linked attack plots and the ISIS-linked arrests throughout the country. Visitors to the site can see where these occurrences are concentrated in the country by zooming in and out and by clicking on individual events to see the details of the incident.

The map is just one of the many features of the new website that presents the Committee’s work and their priorities in a transparent and easy-to-digest way. Engage is proud to have built this site and thereby aid the Homeland Security Committee in their extremely important effort to protect America from terrorist threats.