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Accountable Advocacy

Nick Schaper

Nick Schaper

As a public affairs professional, you recognize that digital matters more than ever in achieving your business and policy goals. You’re drowning in reports showing impressions, video views, clicks, likes, shares, comments and retweets… but you still wonder how all of it translates to real world results.

Almost two years ago, a healthcare client came to Engage with a clear objective: use digital to build support for bipartisan legislation that will help millions of Americans lead healthier lives. The client had a strong network of supporters and great relationships on the Hill, but thought digital grassroots could help push them over the finish line.

57,000 messages and over 160 cosponsors later, we can show how targeted digital ad spend and messages to key offices helped our client build upon an already strong base of support to move passage one step closer to reality.


The above report tracks paid advocacy spend alongside new cosponsors by month. Working hand-in-hand with their government relations team, we identified and activated thousands of constituents based on their likelihood to support this legislation.  Their voices were heard and we saw an increase in co-sponsors – many based solely on the outpouring of constituent support due to our efforts.  This legislation is expected to be discussed and potentially passed in the lame duck session.

Not only do we help our clients solve complex public affairs and government relations challenges – we show them exactly how digital contributed, when, and at what cost.

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