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Harvard Business Review Features "Inside the Cave"

Stephanie Stouffer

Stephanie Stouffer

Our report on the Obama campaign’s digital, analytics and optimization efforts, Inside the Cave, has been featured in Mashable, The Week, and Business Insider, among others. The latest is a piece up today in Harvard Business Review:

By far the best synthesis and summary of the digital keys to the campaign’s success is Engage’s Inside the Cave. I’ve seldom read a briefing so artfully — and accessibly — capturing the critical success factors that turn innovative tools into successful outcomes. Although superbly presented as a case study in campaign organization and technology, its essential lessons go way beyond the mechanics of procuring donors, donations and votes. This is what investing to control your destiny looks like.


Until the actual “Obama for America” codebase is freely available (and this is the subject of intense debate), if you want a blueprint, map or resource for your own organization’s digital marketing aspirations, read, reread and then circulate Inside the Cave. It will provoke the internal conversation and debate your business likely needs.

Over 3,000 people have downloaded Inside the Cave. Download your copy now.