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Test Account Creator For Your Facebook Apps

Team Engage

Team Engage

It’s always nice, convenient, and frequently necessary to test a Facebook App you’re working on from complete scratch. But as any developer will tell you, it’s annoying and time consuming to clear your session, truncate a database, and remove app permissions… EVERY TIME.

That’s why I made this simple PHP script that will allow you to easily and automatically create test Facebook accounts for your Facebook Applications to help speed up app development and quality assurance testing. Note: the account will only remain active for 1 hour.

Facebook Test Accounts

For more information, please see the Facebook Official Documentation:

How to use

Easy Way

  • Download Files
  • Upload to a Server (PHP must be installed)
  • Change includes/facebook.php APP_ID and APP_SECRET to your application’s

Slightly Less Easy Way

  • Include Facebook.php in your script
  • Initiate the Facebook class
  • Call the get_test_account($name) function

For a more detailed explanation, please check out our GitHub account.

I hope this helps some people out. It’s very straight forward, but if you have any questions feel free to message me at nick@engagedc.com or open an issue on Github.

DemoFork on Github