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Visualizing the Voting Information Project

Stephanie Stouffer

Stephanie Stouffer

During the 2012 election cycle, we worked with the Voting Information Project to develop a set of tools for election officials and voters to use on Election Day. For voters, we worked with national media outlets to provide voter information and polling place location software that provided them with all of the information they needed when heading to the polls on November 6th. For election officials, we developed a free social media monitoring platform called ElectionDesk. ElectionDesk allowed election officials to engage with voters in their districts while monitoring conversation and ensuring each and every voter was able to vote successfully.

We designed this infographic to visualize the national impact the Voting Information Project had in 2012. On Election Day more than 600 websites had embedded polling location tools. After Hurricane Sandy, the Voting Information Project partnered with Mobile Commons to send polling location information to more than 243,000 voters in the New York and New Jersey area. Our work with the Voting Information Project helped more than 25 million, nearly 1 in 5, voters in the United States and overseas find the correct information they needed to vote successfully.

  • William Kelleher

    2013-04-17 20:34:00

    Stephanie - want to know why we don't have voting online? See “How NIST Has Misled Congress and the American People about Internet Voting,” at http://ssrn.com/abstract=2229557